Teddie and I


The game follows the story of Erin, a kind and imaginative 8-year-old boy, and Teddie, his friendly, comedic teddy bear and best friend. In the past, Erin spends most of his days going on make-believe adventures with Teddie. Although his imagination often leads him to bright and wonderful places, there is also an omnipresent darkness that often takes control at night, transforming his dreams into nightmares. While his buddy Teddie is always there for him, the nightmares have started to feel more and more real with each passing night. On one such night, Erin comes to the horrifying realization that a monster, his monster, has escaped from his nightmares and snatches away Teddie. In a struggle to save his friend, he falls into the Nightmare World lost and afraid. Now he must find his way back to reality and battle his greatest fears along the way or perish, forgotten in an unknown world. Yet, it will not be as easy as it seems. Because, in a child’s mind, some monsters are real.


The Nightmare World is a grotesque, twisted land of monsters and abominations. It is an ecosystem of creatures feeding upon one another in a futile struggle for survival. Once the playground of a child’s fantastical fantasies, it has become darkened and corrupted from the thoughts and terrors that loom within the boy’s mind. Starting from the Swamp, Erin and Teddie must find their way home through the harsh, corrupted land to the Village. From there, navigating through the maze-like buildings and escaping from possible threats, they will come upon the Castle where the true monster lies in wait.


This is not a story of redemption. This is a boy trying to find his way in life in a broken household. Locked in this world, Erin’s past comes to haunt him and his imagination springs to life as monsters come to trap Teddie and him into this world. This is a story of finding self-worth. This is a story that even in doubt and fear one can overcome the greatest obstacles.